Wendy Mosher

Wendy Mosher started at Elevate May 2014. She tried a couple of classes with a friend,  but was too afraid to come onto the studio by herself and decided that personal training might get her over her fears and hold her accountable.  "I'd lied to myself so many times over the years that I no longer trusted that I'd actually follow through."  Kim Rose was her trainer when she started, and she weighed 204 lbs. "My highest weight ever was 232. I'd managed to get to my Elevate starting weight with diet alone, but had this feeling inside that I was strong and I wanted more." In Oct 2014 her love for Body Combat began. She was still attending personal training, but wasn't seeing the results that she wanted.  "I would eat healthy for the week,  but not drink my water. The next week I'd eat poorly, but workout like crazy. At that point , Kim said something that resonated big time and fueled my fire. She said,  'you know what to do,  now put it all together.'  That simple statement felt like it gave me permission to go for it...and I did." Wendy took every Body Combat class she could get to. "I added in Body Pump and after Kim talked me into going for Body Combat training,  I started going to Bootcamp.  My goal was to be strong." Wendy lost 50 lbs! She attended a Body Combat training, and became a certified Body Combat Instructor.  "Elevate is a very special place to me. For me it's a safe place to work out. A place where there's acceptance and understanding. A place where everyone 'gets it' and we're all there for each other.♡♡♡"