Warrior Meditation®

Hosted by Andrew Collins


Free for all Military and first responders

April 8th @ 7:15pm

Warrior Mediation® is a 20-minute session designed for first responders and military veterans or active duty, that aims to help improve the function of the limbic system, and prefrontal cortex.

When the limbic system (which controls the fight or flight response) is constantly under stress and becomes hyperactive, the limbic system activity increases. This forces the balance to be thrown off and decreases the prefrontal cortex activity (responsible for behavior, decision making and personality expression).

With the increased limbic system activity and decreased prefrontal cortex activity, this causes a person to experience anxiety, fear, panic attacks, outbursts of anger, irritability, and difficulty sleeping.

Through 20-minute sessions, warrior meditation aims to improve the function of these two parts of the brain, which could lead to improved symptoms, and allow better clarity.

In addition, lifting weights can build muscles, meditation can improve quality of life and strengthen mental well-being.

Regular practice of Warrior Mediation can also aid in sleep, stress reduction, decreased anxiety, and better clarity.

Andrew Collins is a veteran, veterans advocate, and Team Leader at The Mission Continues in Boise.

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