teeth whitening

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening has become one of the biggest Self Care trends of the Century. From drug store to dentist you can find teeth whitening/brightening options in multiple forms and price points. We offer cosmetic whitening at half of the price that you will find in a Dental Office while still offering you the same quality results. We wanted to keep it simple so we have three packages to suite your needs while considering time, money, and reason for whitening.  

packages and pricing

Package 1

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening &Maintaining Kit $189.95


1- 20 minute Bleach Bright Cosmetic Whitening Treatment

1- 20 minute Blu Minerals Cosmetic Teeth Sealant 

Take home follow up treatment including Bleach Bright "Star Bright" Pen and Bleach Bright "Foam Bright" Wash 

Time: 1 Hour

Our 1st Package is your fastest and most efficient way to Whiten those teeth and Brighten that smile!

We start you with our brightening tray and use Light "activation" which triggers a photocatalyst within the whitener that assists in breaking its peroxide content down into its reactive components (termed "free radicals") which not only speeds up but enhances the results.

In order to whiten effectively this process opens up the tubules or pores in the teeth while targeting stains… this process leads to the sensitive that can come from bleaching that is why our step two is the use of our Blue Minerals which closes the pores of the teeth and protects them from future stains while preventing sensitivity. 

We then send you away with the following items: 

The Star Bright Pen to Touch-up and maintain your bright white smile with the whitening gel, and use the enamel booster gel to strengthen your teeth and protect against staining. Some areas of your teeth may be more susceptible to staining so this ensures an even treatment result. 

Foam Bright BleachBright toothpaste! FoamBright is a foaming cleanser that penetrates between your teeth and under your gum line better than any traditional toothpaste. It contains no abrasives and won’t increase sensitivity, all while giving you the best cleaning and whitening experience possible. Order it today and kiss your old, tired toothpaste goodbye.

Package 2

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening $129.95


1- 20 minute Bleach Bright Cosmetic Whitening Treatment

1- 20 minute Blu Minerals Cosmetic Teeth Sealant 

Time: 1 Hour 

Our Second package gives you the same immediate whitening and brightening results utilizing the same two- step process as package one without your after care products. While after care can be purchased separately we do offer a substantial savings in our bundle package as we want you to be set up to Keep that smile Bright! 

Package 3

Package 3- On the Go Whitening & After Care Kit $69.95


1- Bleach Bright Light Teeth Whitening System

Our third option allows you to whiten over time. We send you home with a travel light and while it is not as strong as our chairside light it still increases the effectiveness of the treatment. Over the course of about 5 treatments you will notice a significant improvement in the color and shine of your teeth!

individual products

Star Bright Pen $79.00

5 Hour Whitening Rinse $59.00

Foam Bright $59.00