saturday summer bootcamp


Working out in the sunshine can be more fun than any gym—and more challenging, too, as you power through drills using various equipment such as tractor tires, sleds, sand bags, speed ladders, Battle Ropes, resistance bands etc.. This is a user friendly workout, modifications will always be provided. Looking for a little extra motivation & satisfying results? Give Elevates Outdoor Boot Camp a try & let us show you that you can do it!

Our Outdoor Boot Camp is for those of you who really want to make a difference and really want to see some dramatic changes in your physique and fitness levels alike. We will work with you while we watch you transform and push yourself to do things you previously thought were not possible. With professional help from our bootcamp instructors you will not be left behind and we think that it's just as important for us to see you walk away with a new outlook on life as it is for you to see results. We stand by our guarentee that you will have fun, get fit & lose some unwanted fat that will leave you begging for mercy but craving for more!