Want to Be Truly Healthy? Start Each Day With Water

What's the best way to start off your day?

Is it exercise? Mindful meditation? Eating a balanced breakfast? How about an amazing cup of coffee? While each of these things may be beneficial, what if I told you that drinking water as soon as you wake up every day can provide a host of health and wellness benefits.

Wake up, drink up!

  • When you wake up after a long nights sleep,  your body is actually in a state of dehydration. You just went (ideally) at least 8 hours without anything to drink!  Drinking that morning cup of coffee although sounds amazing, will only cause additional dehydration. Drinking water as soon as you wake up each day will leave you feeling more refreshed and can give you more natural energy throughout the morning. Your body is 72% water. Your brain, 75% water. Drinking water not only rehydrates but it can also help with improving brain function, allowing your to feel sharper and more alert. More so than the temporary effects of caffeine associated with our morning cup of joe.

Give that Metabolism a Boost

  • We all know how drinking water can aid with weight loss. But did you know that drinking water first thing actually fires up your metabolism for the day? Think of that morning glass of water as an alarm clock for your metabolism. It has been proven that morning water consumption helps people burn more calories throughout the day.

Flush those toxins

  • As you sleep your body is in a state of repair. After all the repairs are done our bodies store these toxins until we're able to flush them out. That morning pit stop to the potty helps but doesn't flush everything that's been stored throughout the night. Drinking water upon waking enables your body to flush those additional toxins out sooner rather than later. Water consumption in the morning can also help with balancing your lymph system. This system helps us perform daily functions as well as fight infections and balance bodily fluids.


So what's the ideal amount of water to drink when getting up each morning? For maximum benefits its recommended that your drink 20 ounces of water first thing.  While that's quite a lot of water we recommend starting small. You want to aim for at least 8-12 ounces immediately upon waking. It is also recommended that you drink your morning water warm or at least body temperature. Warmer water will help with flushing out all those toxins, however room temperature water or even cold water is more beneficial than no water at all.

Try waiting at least 15 minutes but no more than 45 minutes to eat after your morning water. This will give the newly consumed water a chance to work its way through your system.

Starting a new routine or healthier habit is never easy, so we suggest starting with small changes each day and working towards bigger changes over time. Couple this morning water wake up routine with the recommended daily intake of water (half you body weight in ounces every day) for optimal health and wellness benefits. Cheers!