Benefits of Regular Massage Sessions

One of the many questions we get at Elevate Mind Body Studios is "how often should I use your massage chairs?". While there is no one set answer, massage sessions scheduled at regular intervals can benefit your health both physically and mentally.

Attending regularly scheduled massage sessions can be incredibly beneficial. Whether you're an avid exerciser, stand on your feet all day at work or are feeling stressed from a desk job or just your day to day routine, studies show that massage can reduce your blood pressure, boost your immune system, reduce the effects of stress and increase brain chemicals, including serotonin.  Massage can also help with fibromyalgia, digestive disorders and sports injury discomfort

You might see a reduction in headaches, backaches and even foot pain. Taking part of a self care routine that includes massage, whether by a licensed massage therapist or in a state of the art massage chair will play an incredible role in how you feel and how healthy you'll be overall.  

So treat yourself as often as you have time for, can afford, and makes you feel good. What might feel like a frivolous luxury is actually one of the most basic ways to care for yourself.