Easter Treats and Sweets

While you resolved to make 2017 your healthiest year ever, do you still struggle navigating the holidays or special events? With Easter right around the corner here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to help you stay on track while still enjoying the holiday treats and sweets.


  • Pre-Eat- Studies have shown that when we "save our appetites for later" we overeat. So instead of going all morning without, try a protein shake. Add a banana, some flax seed or coconut milk to thicken it help. Don't care for shakes? Two hard boiled eggs equals one protein serving. Pair it with some fruit for a light meal before your head out to dinner or brunch.
  • Drink Your Water- Don't let the busy day keep you from drinking your daily recommended amount of water, 1/2 your body weight in ounces. Not only will water help keep you feeling fuller fuller longer, it can also help flush out some of the extra sodium you might consume eating out or with that holiday meal.
  • Stick to One Serving- Headed to a buffet at a family member or friends house this Easter? Stick to one serving. If you must make a second trip, load up on vegetables or protein dishes as opposed to sugary sweets or carbs.
  • Pick Your Favorites and Skip the Rest- This might be the only holiday you're able to get Grandmas homemade roles at and you're NOT about to skip that! You don't have to. Save calories for your absolute must haves. Instead, pass on the cream and sugar in your coffee or skip the gravy on those mashed potatoes.
  • Get Moving- Is the gym closed on Easter? That's no excuse to skip out on your workout. Pop in an at home workout DVD, look up a simple 30 minute no equipment needed workout on your favorite fitness website. How about helping the kids look for those Easter eggs at their egg hunt? Or a walk after dinner? Volunteer to help out with the clean-up crew and clear the table, do some dishes or get the coffee started. Doing anything is better than nothing and every step counts. (And it may just keep you away from the jelly beans in the candy dish or out of the Easter basket yummies!)

A holiday or special event isn't an invitation to over eat for a week and undue all of the hard work you've done. Enjoy the day and indulge within reason. Just remember to get back on track ASAP! Plan your meals for the week, do your food prep and get back to it first thing Monday morning!