Yumm So Fresh Joins Elevate for Member Night Thursday September 8th

Cheryl Richard co owner of YumSoFresh and creator/former owner of the Grub Hut

I am so excited to be catering an event to honor the clients of Elevate. I know that the owner and the entire team at Elevate love their people! Only the best of everything for the members of Elevate is what I was told as I planned the menu. Hearing those words made my heart sing, I get to work with a company that understands that their business “is” their clients.

It seems to be all about education at Elevate, and I am thrilled to share some healthy, organic Paleo foods that would be easy for anyone to recreate.

On the menu, this Thursday will be a house made smoked salmon. Wild caught salmon smoked and seasoned with natural and organic spices. A gorgeous platter of grilled organic veggies with a delicious lemon basil sauce, which is full of flavor and nutrition. Paleo crab cakes, you will never miss the mayo and the bread crumbs! Fruit right out of a local field served with a coconut cream dip. Spicy salsa made with local chilies and tomatoes and a zucchini hummus you will love. Detox water and a paleo watermelon splash cocktail that is so flavorful and has low calories!

All of the food served will be gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and fresh made. Everything will be homemade with organic ingredients if possible. You can eat locally produced food that is good for your body, on a budget and fit cooking into your busy lifestyle if you make a goal to do so.

You will be able to find several of the recipes of the food you will be eating on my organic, healthy food site, YumSoFresh! I also do in-home chef work for my clients, teach personal cooking classes and group cooking classes, as well as catering.

I look forward to meeting this beloved group of people and sharing with you, my heartfelt food and maybe inspiring some of you to incorporate homemade cooking into your lives more often.

Cheryl Richard

Former Grub Hut Consultant and Creator