Ionic Foot Detox Soak

The ionic foot detox soak is something that can be done to help you keep your alkaline levels balanced which increases the chances of your body being able to deal with things like impurities. It works on the soles of your feet and you have to put both your feet in the small foot bath, which is filled with electrodes and saltwater.


A small current of electricity is provided to your feet during the entire time of treatment which only lasts 30 minutes. You know when it is starting to work when the water changes to a color that looks like rust as this shows that the toxins are being released from your feet into the water.

Ions, both positive and negative are produced in the bowl which, along with the help of the electrical current, go through your body and stimulate the cells. As a result, the energy within your body is restored back to a healthy level.

After having the treatment completed, many people feel as though they are able to think better as your body feels a sense of relief once everything is refreshed. This is something that also contributes to making people feel as though they have much more energy.

The detox helps to keep your body alkaline which has many benefits for your health. If your body is too acidic, it leaves room for diseases to develop, so ensuring that your acid and alkaline levels are balanced is crucial and the ion foot detox soak does exactly that.

So if you were using the Ionic Foot detox soak to keep your body primarily alkaline, you would see good results, but if you wanted to amplify these results even further, you could pay closer attention to your diet in addition. Incorporating lots of veg in your diet is one of the most helpful things to increase the alkalinity within you and when this is combined with the foot soak, the chances of the acids getting out of hand are kept to a minimum.