Infrared Services- Red Light Therapy, My Lipo


My-Lipo is a machine that is focused on helping people by using infrared technology as it has been found to aid those who are looking to try and tone and slim down. Thousands of them have been sold in the US alone and the great thing is that they do truly work.

Many people have seen that excellent results from using it so there is no doubt that the technology that they use has been tested and gone through many trials and errors before making its way to being available to people.


One of the main things that makes the My-Lipo so appealing is the fact that it is a natural way to take control of how you want to make changes to your body. It uses red light therapy to help you get rid of the stubborn fat on the most common areas such as the wait and thighs. The fat cells within your body are stimulated in such as a way that energy is released and as a result your body ends up using that energy which means that your metabolism is increased. The higher your metabolic rate, the more effective your body is going to be at burning through fat.

It essentially helps to mimic the fat burning process that your body goes through when it is being put through a cardio workout, the only difference is that there is no pain and you can be confident in knowing that the My-Lipo is 100% safe.

Users will find that the machine is simple to use and most importantly, it is hygienic. So all in all the My-Lipo is a quick and effective way to burn away that body fat you hate!