Fit 3D Body Scanning

The Fit3D Body Scanning machine is the only one that has ever been created specifically to be used by facilities that are in the wellness and fitness industry and people who are experienced in this area have praised it highly. 

So what does it do?


It scans the body in a 3D image at 360 degrees around you. All of the data that is then collects is used to help measure your fitness within a short 40 seconds. All of the this information is then transferred over to the Ft3D Web Platform  where you are able to take a more detailed look at your health and wellness as well as a host of other important things. Personal trainers use to have to spend close to an hour trying to find out the information for each individual member that the Fit3D body scan does in 40 seconds!

You can keep track of your balance and posture, mass and even body fat percentage. Also, if your body changes over time, you can compare yourself to a scan that you had done in the past and be able to see all the little differences with both of the body scans side-by-side so it is a fantastic way to keep close tabs on how well you are progressing.

Users adore the fact that they can see their progress from the past and it provides them with great motivation at later dates once they have taken the time to go and do the necessary things to reach the goals they wanted to achieve.

If you were looking for one of the most accurate ways to take detailed measurements and find out the true statistics about your body, the Fit 3D body scanner is definitely an option that you should consider.