Let’s face it, that fancy home fitness machine has been the perfect clothes dryer and those DVD’s were awesome… for a while. Traditional gyms are great, if you can afford the personal trainer to show you how to use everything – AND once you pay the enrollment fees and sign that contract where does all the customer service go? At Elevate we are changing all of that because we believe fitness should be fun and it’s even more fun with friends.

Just because we don’t make you sign a contract doesn’t mean you won’t succeed at reaching your goals. At Elevate, we understand that life just gets in the way of your workouts sometimes, so we give you the flexibility you need for your budget, your schedule, and your life. Really, only pay for something when you use it? What a novel idea!

Even if you already have a fitness routine, we invite you to stop in for a class to spice things up. Boredom is the enemy of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and with the wide mix of classes at Elevate, you’ll learn new ways to challenge your body at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer and since there’s no contract, just purchase the credits you need for the class that interests you.

So what are you waiting for? Get some credits and get to class!

Fitness Benefit Icons

You will see these icons listed under every class we offer. They represent the benefits for each class offered here at elevate!



Stress relief