Child care at elevate

Happiness Starts with You!

You’re at your best when you set aside time for you. Elevates child care gives children from 6 months

through 11 years old a fun, safe and supervised place to play while you take the time to focus on your

health and fitness. We have activities for all ages to ensure all children feel welcomed!

Child care is available on a short-term, walk-in basis with a 2-hour/day limit. Elevate REQUIRES you stay

on site while your child is in our care.

Safe Supervision

Every child care attendant is certified in CPR and First Aid, and must pass a background check

before they’re hired. We take pride in giving every child the focused care they need, and if we

really do need to reach you, we can easily find you in the studio.

How to Get Started

You can purchase a single child care visit at the front desk.

Daily Fees for Elevate Child Care

2 hour maximum per day for all payment methods

Single Visit Per Child

Members: $3.00 Non Members: $5.00

Monthly Unlimited Membership

1st child $24.95, 2nd child $10, 3rd child $10- Maximum rate per family is $44.95

Month to Month

Pay as you go: 1st child $30, each additional child $15


Monday - Friday: 8:00am-12:00pm

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 5:00pm-8:00pm

*Elevate reserves the right to close 20 minutes early in the event no children are present. Hours may be adjusted on holiday.

child care policies and procedures

1. Children age 6 months through 11 years allowed.

2. Elevates child care must be pre -paid.

3. Elevate is not responsible for lost belongings left in the child care area.

4. Children may remain in Elevates child care for a 2-hour maximum per day. Parents/ guardians

MUST remain in the building while their children are in Elevates Child Care.

5. No peanut products.

6. May bring snacks or drinks in labeled, spill-proof containers.

7. Sick children may not be allowed to check in at attendants discretions and must leave

immediately if they become ill. (See Sick Kid Policy below)

8. To help ensure the safety of your child, parents/guardians will be required to leave a photo I.D.

when signing in a child.

9. There is a 10-15 minute grace period for children that are exceptionally upset to allow them to

calm down and rejoin in the program activities. Please be understanding if the staff requests your

help in calming your child, either by joining the child in the play area or by taking him/her home.

10. Aggressive behavior (i.e.: hitting, pushing, bullying, taunting, etc.) derogatory language, and other

such inappropriate behavior that may threaten a child’s self esteem or the wholesome, safe

environment within Child Watch, are never permitted. Any person, adult or child, who

demonstrates such behavior and language will be suspended from the program.

11. Children in Elevates child care must follow the rules and regulations as stated by staff during

games and activities. Children who consistently demonstrate uncooperative behavior, break the

rules, and show disrespect to staff and other children shall have to be signed out from the


12. There are age guidelines for Elevates child care program for safety reasons.

13. Clothing and socks or shoes must be worn.

14. Please be advised that Elevates child care does not have scope and capability of a daycare

facility. It is a program designed to watch/engage with your children for a maximum limit of 2

hours per day so you can enjoy the fitness and wellness facilities and classes at Elevate.

Elevates child care program staffers are not authorized or licensed to change diapers. Staff will

notify parents if their child needs changing. Please have potty-trained children use the restroom

before being dropped off. Please change babies’ diapers before dropping them off.

15. We want to keep Child Watch a happy, wholesome part of your child’s day. We look forward to

working with you and your family towards this goal. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you

and/or your child have any special needs or request. We also welcome your suggestions.

Elevates Child Care SICK KID POLICY

Please keep children at home if they are or have been feeling under the weather. Children who

exhibit symptoms below may not be admitted into the program areas. Parents will be reached to

take them home.

● This is in place for the health of that child as well as the health of the other children:

● Fever (must be gone and unmedicated for at least 24 hours prior to entering childcare)

● Yellow or green discharge from the nose or eyes, or excessive runny nose

● Drainage from ears or eyes

● Excessive/persistent cough or sneezing

● Sore throat

● Pink or irritated eyes

● Rash or hives

● Diarrhea or vomiting while in Elevates child care or within 24 hours prior to visit

● Lethargic and/or complaining of not feeling well

● Contagious illness (Must be on antibiotics 48 complete hours prior to entering Elevates

child care)

● Recent exposure to communicable diseases

● If a child has an illness that is not contagious, but is showing signs/symptoms of the

illness, the parent must have a doctor’s note stating the child is no longer contagious in

order to use the child care facility.